Benoît Jolivet

Smart solutions for your precision machining needs

Precision bar turning machining and assembly: French expertise serving the international market

BENOIT JOLIVET: smart solutions for your international precision machining needs

Since 1929, BENOIT JOLIVET has been designing high precision parts from ø 4 to 50 mm in all types of metals and alloys for all production volumes, from pre-production to medium and large-scale production, with internationally recognized expertise. 

We master the 3 key skills of bar turning, machining, and assembly of sub-assemblies, ensuring our clients:  

  • Agile and tailor-made solutions 
  • Superior quality parts
  • Flawless compliance with the strictest standards
  • Versatile and responsive service

Our expertise extends to many highly developed international sectors: 

Electrical Equipment


Capital Goods

Household Appliances


Railway Industry

Machine Tools and Robotics

Sports and Leisure

Precision Bar Turning

Efficient, accurate, and repeatable turning process.

Precision Machining

Machining of complex components with high precision requirements.


Assembly and sub-assembly of mechanical components using innovative technical processes.

Your precision machining requirements, our innovation ground

Your French industrial partner for the World's most demanding industries

With 95 years of expertise and recognized agility, BENOIT JOLIVET meets the challenges of precision machining and bar turning with reliable and efficient solutions, focusing on quality and adaptability to serve all your needs.

Our long-lasting partnerships with leaders in the automotive, sports, and capital goods industries demonstrate our ability to be responsive and effectively meet the most demanding specifications. We quickly adapt to unforeseen events while being proactive, anticipating technological developments and innovations in international markets.

Automotive Sector

Manufacture of components for carmakers and equipment manufacturers, with particular attention to standards and requirements.

Sports Industry

Precision bar turning mechanical for sports and leisure, meeting consumer expectations.

Capital Goods

Customized precision machining solutions for capital goods in accordance with quality standards.

The proactive approach of BENOIT JOLIVET

BENOIT JOLIVET stands out for its agility, responding quickly and accurately to the requirements of its international clients, as well as to necessary changes and adaptations. Our ability to adapt is at the heart of our production process.

  • Design Office and Co-engineering: Close collaboration with our clients to better understand the specific subtleties and constraints of their international projects and to offer the best technical solutions. We take the initiative to propose improvements from the early stages of design.
  • Innovative Proposals: Making proposals and technical recommendations to optimize the performance and manufacture of your parts. Our team constantly suggests innovations to improve your products and meet international market expectations.
  • Technical and Economic Response: Constant search for an optimal balance between advanced technical solutions and economic constraints. We anticipate challenges to provide sustainable and cost-effective solutions without compromising on quality.
  • Customized Support: Continuous support throughout the life cycle of your products to maximize the efficiency and value of productions. Our proactive approach ensures rigorous follow-up and real-time adjustments.
  • Flexibility: Adapting our manufacturing processes according to your product’s life cycle, ensuring efficiency and adaptability. We foresee future needs to adjust our production methods accordingly.

People at the heart of our international success

Our success is based on human capital: the sharing of knowledge and close collaboration between our teams, clients, and suppliers defines our company. It is thanks to this collaborative spirit that we remain responsive, reliable, and at the forefront of innovation in the international market.

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Your project, our mission: machining your parts with precision

Whether you are at the beginning of a new project or planning large-scale production, our team is ready to support you with techno-economic solutions tailored to international markets. Contact us to discover how our expertise in bar turning and precision machining can help achieve your goals.

Techno-economic solutions

Quality commitment  

Optimized delivery times for international markets  

Flexibility and responsiveness  

Versatility, optimization, and innovation